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S No. Schemes
1 Research & Development Support - Multidisciplinary Research in Science and Technology (SERC)

The Department of Science and Technology, as a part of its S&T promotional activity has been supporting R&D programmes under Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC). As per guidelines issued by the Planning Commission allocations have been earmarked for spending under the SCSP Rs. 8 crore and TSP schemes Rs. 8 crore. This includes the new initiatives "Programme for Research Initiatives in Mathematics Education (PRIME)" and "Empowering Opportunities for Excellence in Science for SC&ST".
2 Programme for Special Technology Development & Coordination (Technology Development Programme)

The programme is aimed at developing indigenous technology through joint projects with industry and socio-economic Ministries. It also includes activities relating to development of Natural Resources Data Management System (NRDMS), Patent Facilitating Cells (PFC), Instrument Development Programme (IDP), Joint Technology Projects (JTP), Inter-Sectoral S&T Advisory Council (IS-STAC), Disaster Management Cell (DMC), National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), Fly Ash Unit (FAU), National Good Laboratory Practices Compliance Monitoring Authority (NGLPCMA), National Mission on Climate Change and Solar Energy Research Initiative (SERI). As per guidelines issued by the Planning Commission allocations have been earmarked for spending under the SCSP Scheme Rs. 6 crore and TSP Scheme Rs. 6 crore.
3 S&T Programme for Socio-Economic Development

The following plan schemes S&T Entrepreneurship Development, Science & Society Programme, Women Component Plan, S&T Communication & Popularization, which were hitherto separate Plan schemes have now been merged and renamed as - S&T Programme for Socio Economic Development - insofar as budget outlays are concerned. The Scheme SCSP has helped in demonstrating technology packages and enhancing livelihood opportunities for SC population by capacity in several sectors in association of S&T based field groups and S&T institutions. The beneficiaries under this scheme are SC community only. Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) Scheme has achieved significant breakthroughs in developing and demonstrating technology packages in several sectors with the association of S&T based field groups and S&T institutions working in tribal areas. DST role in these initiatives has been catalytic where technology development and demonstration aspects are focused. As per guidelines issued by the Planning Commission allocations have been earmarked for spending under the SCSP Rs.9 crore and TSP schemes Rs.5 crore.
4 International Cooperation: (Indo US S&T Forum, Indo French Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research, S&T Programme of Cooperation with Other Countries and Indo German Science & Technology Centre)

This includes the programs of S&T cooperation with the United States of America, France, Germany and other developed and developing countries to undertake collaborative projects in the identified thrust areas in frontiers of S&T and programs of cooperation in related areas of science for basic research and to explore other possible areas for future cooperation. This includes annual contributions to Centres for the Non Aligned and Other Developing Countries and the International Council of Scientific Unions and affiliated Unions and Committees.
5 State Science & Technology Programme

The objective is to establish and support State Councils for S&T to act as focal points in the States and Union Territories for planning, guiding, evaluating, monitoring, co-coordinating and in general spreading Science and Technology activities at State level. As per guidelines issued by the Planning Commission allocations have been earmarked for spending under the SCSP Rs.5 crore and TSP schemes Rs.5 crore.
6 Modernisation of Mapping Organizations (SoI and NATMO)

Survey of India (SoI) and National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization (NATMO) are operationally two different entities, but insofar as the budget outlays are concerned the two schemes have been merged and renamed as Modernization of Mapping Organizations.The Survey of India, the principal national surveying and mapping organization is mainly responsible for producing topographical maps and providing survey support to the defence forces and various national development projects in the country. The National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization set up in 1956 primarily aims at preparing National Atlas of India. Subsequently, its scope and activities were extended to new fields of geographical research, thematic mapping covering all the academic and applied aspects of geography and allied subjects.
7 Autonomous Institutions & Professional Bodies

There are 23 independent autonomous institutions and professional bodies situated at different locations of the country having different mandates. However, insofar as the budget outlays are concerned these schemes have been merged and renamed as - Autonomous Institutions & Professional Bodies. As per guidelines issued by the Planning Commission allocations have been earmarked for spending under the SCSP Rs. 12 crore and TSP Rs. 12 crore.
8 Synergy Projects (O/o Principal Scientific Adviser)

The scheme is operated by the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India. The objective of having a separate budget allocation is to enable that Office to play a catalytic role in taking up selective R&D and technology development projects in a number of important areas where multiple scientific and technological agencies are involved. This includes the new Externally Aided Project "Coordination and Harmonization of Advanced e INfrastructures (CHAIN)" funded by the European Union.
9 Information Technology

The scheme pertains to expenditure incurred on Information Technology (IT) e-Governance and related areas.
10 Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Research

The scheme is to be used for the purpose of supporting research and development programmes and setting up of national facilities for furthering R&D activities in the country.
11 National Mission on Nano Science & Nano Technology

The following areas of research have been identified for immediate attention

a. studies of free atomic and molecular clusters, cluster assembled materials, low-dimensional structures and quantum dots,

b. nano-electronics and nano-photonics,

c. applications: nano-coatings, nano-device based sensors and diagnostics kits, controlled and targeted drug delivery systems, nano-phosphor based display devices, etc..
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