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S No. Schemes
1 Support to R&D Schemes to Central Electronics Limited

Central Electronics Ltd. (CEL) is one the PSUs of DSIR which has developed a number of novel products/processes either through its own R&D efforts or in close association with premier National and International laboratories, R&D institutions and Defence Laboratories.
2 Consultancy Development Centre (CDC)

The Consultancy Development Centre (CDC) was set up as a registered society in January 1986, and is functioning from its office at India Habitat Centre Complex since May 1994. The main objective of CDC is to strengthen and promote industrial consultancy services and capabilities for domestic use and export requirements.
3 DSIR Building and Infrastructure

A separate office space / building is envisaged for DSIR.
4 CSIR-Institute of Translational Research (Innovation Complexes)

As an attempt to catalyze and develop translational facilities within the CSIR, it is proposed to set up 12 Innovation Complexes at identified locations in the country. These Complexes would serve as a hub for web organization of CSIR and also facilitate valorization/translation of CSIR technologies. In addition to fully operationalizing the three Innovation Complexes initiated during the Eleventh Plan, nine more complexes would be set up.
5 CSIR-Intellectual Property & Technology Management

Under the Scheme during the Twelfth Plan period, the efforts would be to consolidate the IP portfolio further in terms of patents and other forms of IPRs.
6 CSIR - National Laboratories

Under the National Laboratories scheme during the Twelfth Plan, five new institutions are proposed to be set up either in the physical or in virtual mode. These include CSIR-Institute of Synthetic and Systems Biology, CSIR-Fourth Paradigm Institute, CSIR-Institute of Biomimetic Materials, CSIR-Network Institute of Solar Energy and the CSIR-Network Institute of Manufacturing Technology.

CSIR would undertake R&D programmes across the biological, chemical, engineering, information and physical science clusters. Different categories of projects include supra-institutional projects (involving individual laboratories),network projects (involving multiple CSIR laboratories), supra-institutional network projects (involving as well the non-CSIR participation in identified set of projects), large mission projects, cross-cluster projects (that are formulated to overarch multiple clusters) and facility creation projects. In addition, few mega projects have been proposed.

CSIR technologies are proposed to be demonstrated and showcased through the CSIR Outreach Centres implemented through self-inclusive facilities placed at identified locations. CSIR Special Centres would be set up for the North Eastern States, Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands for providing S&T intervention to address unique challenges of these regions.
7 National Research Development Corporation (NRDC)

NRDC, a PSU of DSIR was established as a company, under Section 25 of the Companies Act to commercialize the Research and Development results of publicly funded R&D institutions as well as to promote the growth of indigenous technology.
8 CSIR-Research Schemes, Scholarships and Fellowships (National S&T Human Resource Development)

CSIR under the scheme on National S&T Human Resource Development envisages continuing its endeavour of strengthening S&T human resources in the country through fellowships at various levels. In addition during the Twelfth Plan, it is envisaged to introduce novel fellowship programmes to promote research and innovation.
9 CSIR-New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NMITLI)

The NMITLI has been among one of the successful programmes of CSIR during the Eleventh Plan. It has emerged as a unique programme to support R&D in public private partnership mode. It is envisaged to be strengthened and broadened further during the Twelfth Plan.
10 CSIR - Central Administration (R&D Management Support)

CSIR Headquarters is the nerve centre of the organization and catalyses and facilitates the laboratories by establishing, equipping and realizing excellence in R&D, promoting brand equity, financial self-sufficiency, global competitiveness and disseminating organizational learning. The various functional units/divisions located in CSIR Headquarters provide the R&D Management support to the national laboratories through the Scheme.
11 Technology Promotion, Development and Utilization (TPDU) Programmes

TPDU Programmes, a scheme pursued in 11th five year plan endeavoured to encourage industry to increase their share in country"s R&D expenditure and support a larger cross section of small and medium industrial units to develop state-of-the-art globally competitive technologies of high commercial potential. This scheme has been renamed in BE-2012-2013.
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